Video Friday: Online Events Made Simple – Rhian Berry Interviews Laura Davidson

Today’s video features Rhian Berry of EventMind Pro talking to Laura Davidson of Tag Digital. Here’s Rhian’s introduction to the interview…

Laura is a co-founder at Tag Digital, an award winning event pay-per-click (PPC) agency helping organisers meet their goals using paid media across search, social, programmatic and video.

I interviewed Laura to discuss the company history and to find out how event organisers can benefit from a service like theirs. Laura speaks about how the event industry and her business coped with the effects of COVID19. She discusses the benefits Tag Digital can offer to event organisers out there listening and the pressures your marketing team may be feeling right now. She describes her experiences with the drastic change in the event industry and how to monetise existing data.

Rhian Berry and EventMind regularly put out videos, you can find them via their LinkedIn page.

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