Video Friday: Dan Assor’s Interview with Carina Bauer

For the first Video Friday, we feature Dan Assor interviewing Carina Bauer, CEO of the Imex Group.

Video Friday: Dan Assor & Carina Bauer

The video was recorded on Monday 1st February 2021. Dan says of his interview…

I was delighted to welcome Craina Bauer onto my show. Carina is the CEO of the IMEX Group which runs an annual show in Las Vegas and Frankfurt for the events industry. It was fascinating to get an insight into the decision to run PlanetImax, a virtual version of the show, and the lessons learnt from that experience, as well as the plans to the return to Live, what hybrid means to Carina, as well as IMEXs initiatives, which includes sustainability, Advocacy and legacy. Carina, also serves on the AEO council and she gave me a unique insight into association relations with the Government during the pandemic.

You can connect with Dan on his LinkedIn page, Facebook and Twitter. And of course on his YouTube channel where you can find plenty more great videos.