The Great Big List Of Event Industry Podcasts!

The Great Big List Of Event Industry Podcasts!

Do you often find it difficult to track down event industry podcasts? Sure you can search Spotify or Apple Podcasts but it takes time and search results often contain ones that are now longer active. Wouldn’t it be great if someone made a list of ones that are still active?

Well, we have!

With the invaluable assistance of Merijn van Buuren of Event Mender, we now have a list of 116 active event industry podcasts for you to check out. You can download the free list, in PDF format, using the button below.

Please note, all the podcasts mentioned were active at the time we compiled the list. If there’s one you think we should add then please let us know via our Suggestion Box.

For all the latest episodes from that list, check out our dedicated page.

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