Guest Posting On The Event Planner News Blog

Guest Posting On The Event Planner News Blog

If you’re wondering what guest posting is, it’s when an article that’s already been published, or has been specially written, appears on another website. It started as an SEO practice, but in the age of social media it has become the way to get more exposure to audiences you would otherwise find difficult to reach.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

There are multiple benefits to guest posting, not just for SEO, which is still an important factor but it’s top use has changed in the age of social media. From just persuading search engines for more traffic, it now does a lot more…

  • Increases brand awareness
  • Helps to build relationships and opportunities
  • Aids a brand or author to become more recognised as an authority

Sharing articles on other sites potentially exposes your content to a new audience. Considering that posts get shared on social media sites at an increasing rate, this could lead to a much bigger reach that you could manage through your own website and channels.

Guest posting started as a way to improved SEO scores, and it’s still a relevant practice. It provides…

  • A backlink to your site
  • Improvements in domain authority
  • Exposure to a new audience

These benefits still hold true, however in the age of social media, getting your content out to as a wider audience as possible has become the new goal.

Why guest post on the Event Planner News blog?

Somewhere out there is a blogger or content creator who is creating fabulous articles and posts. We want to find them and make sure they get seen. It doesn’t matter if you are a one person business or work for a big company, great content is great content!

All we ask is that,

  • For republishing an exiting article, it’s preferred that it’s at least 7 days old.
  • For unique content, it has to be yours or at least owned by you.
  • Has something to do with the events industry, wedding industry, venues or hospitality

What happens to your guest post after it’s published?

New guest posts are mentioned on our social media channels on the day they are published, and for several days after. Credit is given to where the post came from, not just the business name but the author as well. It will live on the blog waiting to be read again and again, providing insight and inspiration for future visitors looking for something great to read!

If you have any questions or want to get started on guest posting with Event Planner News then please get in touch via the contact form.