Video Friday: Live At The 1st Trade Show In Las Vegas For A Year!

Dan Assor Las Vegas

For today’s Video Friday feature we’re back with Dan Assor. In his video, he interviews Danica Tormohlen and Dorothy Belshaw live at the Las Vegas Market Show. The first show in Las Vegas for 12 months! Topics include the planning process, safety protocols and digital registration. The 24 minute recording was made from the live broadcast that took place on 11th April 2021.

You can get more from Dan at his new website.

Taking place 12-15 April at International Market Center, Atlanta-High Point- Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Market Show, offers buyers, designers and exhibitors an efficient, effective and compelling market experience. Danica Tormohlen, journalist on assignment for SISO, showed me around the show, which is the 1st show in Las Vegas for 12 months, including a chat with an exhibitor. I was also joined by Dorothy Belshaw CMO of the venue, International Market Centers, who discussed; Planning Process , Safety Protocols, Digital Registration, Visitor & Exhibitor experience and Hybrid Elements.

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