Video Friday: EventWell Talks, Who’s Looking After The Boss?

EventWell Talks
View on YouTube – EventWell Talks: Who’s Looking After The Boss, with Max Fellows

In this video, part of the of EventWell Talks series, Helen Moon (CEO of EventWell) and Max Fellows (Virtual Events Directory) discuss the important of mental health. In particular, the effects of stress caused by running a business and not taking time out to care for yourself. The video contains a frank discussion where Max Fellows shares his personal story.

The video was originally made available on 25th February , 2021

Watch back our keynote session from EventWell Talks held on Thursday 25th February. Max Fellows shares an honest and inspirational personal mental health story and the challenges of mental health for event industry leaders and managers. With increased focus on employers and managers to be taking care of the mental health and wellbeing of teams and employees, we talk about who’s looking after the boss?

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