Video Friday: Event Relief – Dan Assor’s Totally Amazing 24 Hour VodCast

Event Relief 24 hour live broadcast with Dan Assor

Moments after midnight Tuesday, that is the very early hours of Wednesday 3rd March, Dan Assor embarked his Event Relief live broadcast, a fund raising 24 hour VodCast for EventWell. What followed is a clear demonstration of what can happen when the event industry comes together.

According to the Just Giving website, at the time of writing, the total funds raised amounts to £9,516. That’s incredibly 190% above the target of £5000!

If you missed the Event Relief live broadcast, I’ve included the opening 4 hours. It begins with a group discussion featuring David Adler and Ashton Pike of BizBash, and students Briana Stewart and Aruzhan Toleubay. There are many great discussions throughout the marathon, but there’s plenty of fun segments too. For example, quizzes, cake making and singalongs!

00:00-04:00 GMT

You can check out the rest of the VodCast marathon by following the YouTube links below…

Alternatively you can check out the official YouTube playlist which includes the videos mentioned above.

Even though Dan’s marathon is over, you can still make a donation. Visit the EventWell website for details on how you can help or donate at their Just Giving page.


It’s now late evening and I thought I would check to see how much more had been donated. I am very pleased to say that the total now stands at an amazing £10,205.