Virtual Events: If You Plan It, They Will Come

Virtual Events: If You Plan It, They Will Come
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This is a guest post by Shoaib Aslam, founder of virtual events company EventsX.

The benefits of virtual events have been felt strongly across the nation and while in-person events are back up and running, online ones still hold a strong and beneficial place in the industry.

Virtual events provide a number of benefits, including saving people travel time, allowing dial-in from anywhere in the world and from the comfort of your own home, not to mention the cost saving. Taking part in online events from behind a screen allows people great flexibility and freedom.

While the manpower required to set up an online event may be less, do not be fooled into thinking proper planning is not required. Ensuring the event is thoroughly planned, from event design to organised speakers, is key to a successful event, and technology exists to ease the planning process for businesses to run an engaging event.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Outstanding events do not just happen, they are planned – preparing for success is key. While this can be a task that individuals take on themselves, using applications such as excel, this can not only take up a lot of time, but small mistakes can impact the seamless planning and hosting, ultimately compromising the experience of attendees.

This is why event planners should be leveraging the latest technology to take over autonomy of assigning tasks, setting deadlines and sending important emails or reminders to those who need to be informed. Time can be spent elsewhere with complete trust that essential, but time consuming, tasks are taken care of, allowing event planners to prepare high-level, engaging aspects of the event.

Event management can be eased by using the correct platform, utilising features that walk you through the design of an event all the way to pre-event marketing and preparation.

Setting the date in plenty of time is also key to preparing for an event. Allowing enough time to select speakers, sponsors, partners and more, will be the difference between success and failure. Having not only guests attend but individuals to keep those attendees engaged will see your event flourish.

Marketing strategy

Once your event is planned, or is in planning stage, figuring out how to bring it to the market is vital. Ensuring sponsors, partners, speakers, exhibitors and the event itself are all well promoted will enable people to see why they need to be at your event. Good event platforms will be fitted with marketing tools to assist in this.

When the event is marketed, potential attendees will want to purchase tickets. This is where the event can be monetized, and choosing the correct ticket sales tool can make a huge difference. Ticket sales should be integrated within the events platform to ensure a simple and smooth process from buying tickets to attending the event. Additionally, tiered tickets can be available giving guests premium access to certain speeches or areas.

Platforms can also provide features that allow unique referral links to be sent, allowing influencers to get involved in the ticket selling process. They can earn a small amount of profit per ticket sold, making word spread further and job made easier.

‘Dialling in’ is job half done

Of course, getting attendees onto the event is one half of the battle but keeping them engaged is just as important. Attending an event online makes it a lot easier to leave, zone out or multi-task while the event runs which means ensuring an interesting event is vital for its success.

Technology can assist by helping in the design of an event space which is also a lot easier than manually setting up an in person one. Logging into a virtual events dashboard and configuring it through the platform to chose venue, reception, stages, sessions and so on can be done so at a click of a finger.

Platforms such as EventsX also offer spaces in the metaverse where you can select pre-created locations or have an expert tailor make one specific to your event. Attendees can immerse themselves in a fully interactive metaverse experience, which for many will be new and exciting.

A strong event design and plan is key. This involves ensuring that all the benefits online events offer are optimised, such as making jumping between speeches easy. Using AI technology to match attendees or speakers to facilitate networking is another key feature which can improve the experience of attendees.

Technology holds a whole host of benefits that can not only create an engaging online event, but good planning is a vital component behind running a successful event.

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