The Weekly Podcast Roundup: Non-Profits, Creativity & Wedding Rehearsals

podcast roundup
podcast roundup

The latest podcast roundup has 14 episodes for you to enjoy. Topics range from funding a non-profit or charity, creativity and wedding ceremony rehearsals.

Cvent are still talking about what is takes to put on their Connect 2021 event. Also listed below is the audio version of the Ops Nest recent discussion on ‘rebuilding fairly’. It was hosted by Dan Assor and the video version was mention in my most recent look at the latest YouTube videos.

The episode that will generate the most debate, or at least become most talked about, comes from #EventIcons, ‘The Future of Events and the Inevitable Split In Our Industry with Jason Koop‘…

We don’t mean to beat a dead horse, yet we’re saying it again: the pandemic has drastically changed the events industry and sped up the evolution of virtual and hybrid events. The process is not over, either. On the contrary: we have just begun! The future of the events industry is uncertain, but today’s #EventIcons guest thinks that it’s going to split into two huge chunks: one belonging to the digital event planner and the other one to the in-person event planner.

In-person or virtual events, will there be two sorts of event planner or just more skills to learn? What ever you think, I can see it becoming a discussion event professionals will be having for quite some time.

If there’s a podcast you think we should be including in our podcast roundup then please get in touch.

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