The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 18th October

Podcast social media roundup
Original phone image by tomasi from Pixabay

The events industry could do a lot better when it comes to social media, plenty of room for improvement. In my humble opinion, same could be said when it comes to industry websites and blogs.

With this in mind, I highly recommend you set some time aside to listen to ‘The social media opportunity that most hospitality and events businesses are ignoring with Sabrina Meyers‘ from Adelaine Ng’s podcast, Upon Arrival.

You’d think that event profs and hospitality services aimed at business events would be lighting up their social media with their offerings and experiences. But while many have social media accounts, most of the feeds offer irregular and lacklustre content. Sabrina Meyers’ mission is to inspire confidence in the industry with strategies to optimise their social platforms and win more clients. Sabrina Meyers is a visibility coach and strategist to the Event Industry on all things social media. She is the Founder of Hot Hospitality Exchange and The Get Visible Collective, an online community for event and hospitality professionals learning how to level up their social media to maximise online engagement, reach and growth.

You can find more information about Sabrina and the services she provides on her website.

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