Eventcombo’s New Vaccine Checker App, Safety For In-Person Events

Vaccine Checker App

Eventcombo, the ‘all in one’ event management solution, have announced their vaccine checker app. It’s aim is to aid event organisers to run safer events.

Attendee’s will self-certify using the app which is available on Android and iOS. Organisers will have an overview of their audiences vaccine status via a real time dashboard. This removes the need for uploading or scanning of paper documents before the event, which would hold up entry with long lines.

In a post-pandemic world, the events industry is under pressure to implement Covid-19 vaccination certification processes as a condition of entry. Eventcombo understood the need to introduce a vaccine checker system to its app in order to make people feel safer about attending events and going back to the complete event experience.

As vaccination numbers have increased, in-person events have become more common. Many event organizers challenged Eventcombo on how they can best protect the health and safety of their attendees, staff and speakers. In response, the organization worked tirelessly to provide a system that proves that any events hosted on Eventcombo puts safety first.

The Vaccine Checker Tool is available right now and is free to use for anyone using Eventcombo to host an event.

You can download the press release as a PDF by clicking the button below.