The Meetings Industry Association Reacts To Boris Johnson Resignation

The Meetings Industry Association reacts to Boris Johnson’s resignation
Image of Boris Johnson by Flickr user Number 10

Earlier today, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned his position. According to a BBC report he said that, “painful not to be able to see through so many projects and ideas”. The MIA, Meetings Industry Association, has responded with a brief statement from Kerrin MacPhie, MIA chief executive,

“We feel that Boris Johnson’s resignation potentially provides an opportunity for the business meetings and events sector as it really feels like wholesale change is in the air.

“Despite the distractions of the inevitable leadership challenge and subsequent ministerial appointments, we may potentially witness positive change such as visa conditions and immigration rules being relaxed. This will assist us to attract the much-needed workforce that left the UK post-Brexit and help business meetings and events thrive, providing much confidence to all – both domestically and internationally.”

She added: “We will have to see how things unfold but what is clear is that collaboration and staying connected as a sector has never been more important.”

It is the custom for the outgoing Prime Minster to over see the transition. However Mr Johnson may be encouraged to leave early and a ‘care taker’ Prime Minister will take over until a replacement is found.

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