Konnect Invites Event Professionals To Guide Future Product Development

Konnect Events Invites Businesses To Help Shape Product Development

The Australian based Konnect Platform is inviting event industry professionals and businesses to help guide them on future product development. In return, they are offering to those who participate free lifetime access to current features. Also included is 12 months of free access to future premium features.

Konnect is a SAS tool which provides stakeholder and project management. It has been created specifically for event production – bringing delivery teams to a common site.

Adam Hinchey, co-founder of Konnect Platform said in their recent press release…

We strongly believe that users and the events community are best qualified to drive the direction of the product. Being committed to making the lives of event workers better means not only hearing what they need but actually building it.

He went on to say…

Engaging with users like this is exciting and collaboration is in our DNA. We want to forge strong and long-lasting relationships with the global events industry. We plan on expanding the Ko-founder program in the future so for us this is just the beginning.

You can find out more about their program on their Ko-Founder website page. Their press release is available for download by clicking the button below.

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