Crystal Interactive Now Offers Smart Wearables With Blendology Partnership

Crystal Interactive Now Offers Smart Wearables With Blendology Partnership

Crystal Interactive, audience engagement specialists for live-events, have recently announced a partnership with Blendology. This allows them to offer smart wearables badging solutions to their selection of services.

To quote from their press release…

Blendology’s smart wearable allows attendees to network seamlessly with just a simple tap of a badge. The OneTap badges have powered over 450 events across 40 countries catering for nearly 100,000 people. The OneTap badges at a 400-person event can save nearly 80kg of plastic and business cards.

There are many advantages to going paperless, and avoiding plastic – such as cutting down on waste. The smart badges also provide monitoring attendee’s activities. Their press release states…

  • Real-time smart networking – Digital contact exchanges at a tap of a badge, no more exchanging of business cards.
  • Sustainability-driven – 100% paperless badging. No plastic or paper is wasted for content sharing.
  • Live analytics – Monitor networking groups and keep an eye on the most popular exhibitors’ booths as your participants engage with key tap points.

In their promotional video, you can see the smart badge in action. It appears to have an e-ink display, like you would find on an ebook reader, plus various sensors and connectivity options.

John Phelan, MD of Crystal, said: “We are incredibly excited to deliver Blendology’s smart badges, positioned perfectly for the return of in-person events this year. We know people have been itching to get back into the same conference venue as each other so we can’t wait to help drive networking in a smarter and sustainable fashion.

You can find out more about Crystal Interactive’s smart badges on their website. The full press release is available by clicking the button below.

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