How To Value Your Working Experience As A Freelance Event Planner

This is a guest post by Mariska Kesteloo, founder of Word Of Mice.

I don’t need you to say that it’s been a huge challenge to remain positive in these unprecedented times. And moreover, how to generate a continuous stream of revenue? Let us be straight forward, and perhaps I can say this being Dutch, as we are known for our straightforward opinion, but it’s true right? Let’s face the reality. Let me inspire you by sharing some tips you haven’t thought of. 

Have you considered going to the next level with your experience? And to become an industry expert and to value your knowledge and network?

Tell me more!

Let me start with the beginning

Suppliers are struggling to get in touch with their target audience, people like you, event planners. In these very dynamic times it’s not easy to find the way, how to communicate, what is appropriate and what is not? Which channels and which message? And in this complicated landscape in which the overall rules and regulations for our industry change continuously in each country.

And moreover to get through the noise of online messages and to find trustworthy messages, who are authentic and coming from true persons.

Suppliers are looking for support from you, event professionals who are experts in their field, passionate about organising events and who are close and daily in touch with their audience.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to get paid to do your passion? Yes, this is possible.

Let’s start with the definition B2B influencer marketing

B2B influencer marketing is part of your marketing strategy by using industry experts who represent your target audience to get in touch or to stay in touch with your desired audience and bring insightful perspectives to the forefront, and build brand trust and credibility.

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Therefore we need people like you!

What is the next step?

Let me be clear, you need to be an insider of the industry with at least 5 years working experience in the field. If you don’t have any working experience, you probably don’t have the right followers and moreover you are not trustworthy to share your opinion about an industry topic.

Next, the meetings & events industry is broad; we have all sorts of niches like incentives, corporate events, large conferences, events dedicated for small international associations. What I would like to say is, choose your niche and stick to it. Whatever you do, you are the expert in your field. And that’s how to create your authority, your unique followers and building up your community.

What can you do?

Much more than you think. First of all you know what event professionals, the organisers need, what makes you decide to read the article or to fill in a poll? On which channels are you active and what do you see as trends and evolving in your community? Next, are you active in an industry association? Perhaps you could share your experiences in a blog, or live during an event or take part in a panel discussion during an industry event.

Next, you are daily in touch with your audience, you know their needs, pain points and challenges. Perhaps you could propose to do a trial with one of the new upcoming features? And don’t forget the upcoming trends for 2022, social audio, sustainability and hybrid events are here to stay.

Strategy is key

We see that strategy is sometimes an obstacle, how to create and to write a strategy for a potential client or collaboration. Let me be honest, it’s a challenge for everyone nowadays as it’s very difficult to predict what’s going to happen.

But if you write a proposal, you need to replace yourself in the minds of the clients. What do they need, what are their expectations? Do research and dive into the world of the world wide web where you can find lots of interesting insights about your client. And the more in-depth you do your research, or perhaps you know the client, the better you can write a proposal. Or just ask for more details and information.

And it’s not from one day to another that magic will happen, therefore B2B influencer marketing is a combination of online and offline activities supporting the strategy of the client. Which is in alignment with your values and vision.

We have a bridge to gap

What I have noticed is that industry experts come up with the most exciting ideas but that’s not always a fit for the client, despite it will do good or they might need it. Sometimes it’s just a bridge too far. Therefore do your research, are you working with a corporate client with a commercial purpose or a Convention Bureau fully supported by the government? These are two worlds apart.

In conclusion

Always a challenge but try to be reasonable. How much time does it take to create a post, to publish it, and to analyse and to collect the data? And don’t forget to include the calls with your client and follow-up emails. Count the hours that you need to accomplish these tasks. Don’t under-prize yourself, try to be reasonable.

This guest post was written by Mariska Kesteloo of Word of Mice. Visit her website for more inspiration and information.

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