Canapii: Free Virtual Events & Management Platform

Canapii virtual events & management platform

A new event management platform, Canapii, has been launched by Canalys. It’s free but there is a limit to the number of users. To quote the press release, “The release offers organizations the ability to host virtual events for up to 75 users, entirely free of charge…

This should be of interest to anyone looking to try out virtual event hosting for the first time. Especially interesting to those whose budgets are difficult to justify in these current times.

Canapii’s decision to offer a free basic version emulates well-known software companies like Slack, Dropbox and Zoom. The free version allows customers to try the software for as long as they like, whilst giving them the confidence to upgrade to the more functionally rich paid-for version if this suits their needs. Canapii benefits from reduced sales cost, redistributing resources towards product development and customer support.

The press release goes on to says,

With the events market expected to hit a recession that is estimated to take 6-12 months to recover from, the knock-on effect for businesses relying on this revenue source is significant. The University of Westminster’s recent survey highlighted that 40% of event providers are uncertain as to whether they will even survive the next 6 months.

Canapii hopes to empower organisations to embrace virtual events, offering an alternative method for event managers to create communities through which to promote the sharing of knowledge.

It’s a grande plan with high hopes, but in the end it will be event & meeting planners who will decide it’s future.

The full press release can be found on the Real Wire website.