waitingstafflondon Awarded ‘Event Staffing Company Of The Year’

Waiting Staff London Awarded 'Event Staffing Company Of The Year'

waitingstafflondon has won the 2022/2023 award for ‘Event Staffing Company of the Year’. The recent ceremony was held at the Oakely Hall Hotel and organised by Prestige Awards.

The CEO of the company, Adrian Catalin Emanoil, said in a LinkedIn post

“This award is dedicated wholeheartedly to our amazing TEAM without who this would not have been possible. The hard work and dedication, as well as the commitment, have brought us to this point.

The foundation of excellence is built with the quality of your actions, and the integrity of your intent and teamwork allows us to reach the heights of excellence and perform the extraordinary. Whether this receives enough credit or not at times, teamwork has always been a clear statement of succeeding in something. We could not ask for a for a better and more passionate team of people.”

He went on to say…

“We would also like to share our thanks with all our clients and partners and with those who continued to choose us for their events in life. Your continued loyalty and support made the difference, and we are forever grateful.”

Congratulations to Adrian and his team, the last 12 months have proved to be very successful as this is their 4th major prize.

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