The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 8th November

The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 8th November

There are three main topics in the event industry right now, and there are three new podcast episodes that discuss them.

The hospitality and event industry are suffering from the ‘great resignation’. People are quitting their jobs, taking a good at their lives and are looking for something better. The latest episode from Event Brew takes a look at this, The Great Resignation: Labor Shortages In Hospitality & Events‘…

As the pandemic hit in early 2020, people all over the world were forced to slow down for a while. For some, it was the first time in forever that they got to stop and re-evaluate their lives. And it turns out that many of them had realized just how burnt out, overworked, and undervalued they felt. More importantly, a lot of them work in hospitality and events. Enter the Great Resignation of 2021! Labor shortages in hospitality are at their peak.

Another big topic being discussed is diversity, equity and inclusion – often shortened to DEI. One of the leading lights promoting DEI is the Diversity Ally podcast by Gabby Austen Browne & Ashanti Bentil Dhue. Check out their latest episode, ‘So How Important Is Diversity, Inclusion And Belonging‘…

Diversity, inclusion and belonging is, I think, just as important, if not more important to get right first. I think the company, when they look at revenues and make that connection, there is an opportunity to really kind of generate a lot more revenues…if that’s the target. Or generate and find a lot more customers through having a much wider, diverse and inclusive organisation

One topic that should be high on your agenda is sustainability. Especially as COP26 is happening right now in Scotland. The Eventful podcast from Northstar Meetings discuss this in their latest episode, ‘Why and How to Make a Net-Zero Pledge in the Events Industry‘…

At the United Nations climate-change conference, COP26, now underway in Glasgow, Scotland, governments and industries from around the globe are presenting the strides they’ve made toward reducing the carbon footprint of their respective operations. Where does the events industry stand? We asked Fiona Pelham, CEO of Positive Impact Events, to discuss the progress to date and the challenges ahead.

If there’s a podcast you think we’re missing then please get in touch and let us know.

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