The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 7th March 2022

The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 7th March 2022

If you’re a wedding planner or perhaps want to know more about the wedding industry, then this weeks roundup is just for you!

In the last 7 day, there have been new episodes from…

Also worth checking out is Dan Assor’s latest episode,”Events With Ukraine” with Tanya Pinchuk, CEO ExpoPlatform“. There’s also a new episode from my own podcast The Bullet List, “The State Of Event Tech With Michelle Bruno“.

If there’s an active podcast we should be mentioning, then please get in touch via our Suggestion Box.

If you want to keep up with the latest podcasts, check out our latest feature! A dedicated page that lists all the new episodes.

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Desert Island Events

COMPLETE wedding podcast

This Week in Weddings

Bridal and Events Diary

Totem Talks

The Wedding Pro Cast UK

Washington Hospitality Industry Webcast

The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

Principle of Hospitality

Hospitality Mavericks Podcast


Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives with Adelaine Ng

micebook. ‘talks’

Event Industry News Podcast

The Business of Meetings

Wedded: The Wedding Planner Podcast

Event Brew

Events: demystified

Better Events

The Events Insight

The Dan Assor Show #eventprofs

The Skift Podcast

The Wedding Biz – Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

Events for Breakfast

The Bullet List Show

You can find all past podcast episode lists on our dedicated listing page that collects them together. Alternatively select one from the list below.