The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 4th October

Podcast Roundup

In this edition of the weekly Podcast Roundup, there are 17 new episodes to check out.

If you’re wondering what we’ve learned from the last 18 months, then listen to the Eventful episode, ‘Event Tech Lessons Learned From 18 Months of Disruption‘…

We are in a particularly crucial moment in the evolution of events and event technology. The pandemic accelerated many trends towards digitization that were embraced by the industry, because really we had no choice. But now, industry members are taking a hard look at what we’ve learned so far and what our strategies should be moving.

Still a hot topic within the events industry, is sustainability. In the latest episode from Inside Events, Shawna McKinley and Guy Bigwood discuss how innovation and sustainability work together…

Tune in and find out what they have to say about the shift to virtual caused by COVID-19 and what it means for our carbon footprint, how innovation in the event industry and sustainability work hand-in-hand, 3 top issues to focus on when it comes to the carbon footprint of your attendees, and why there’s no need to panic about the future, instead focus on productivity.

One episode I highly recommend comes from Kelly Frew’s Events For Breakfast Podcast, “Managing Stress and Burnout – S403 (2021)“…

Kelly chats to Christina Beischl who is the founder of One 77 Consulting and a certified burnout prevention coach. Tune in for invaluable insight into how Christina supports teams and individuals to manage stress, set goals and create healthy routines.

There are plenty more great episodes below…

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There’s plenty more episodes to enjoy, which you can find on our dedicated listing page or in the selection below…