The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 28th March 2022

The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 28th March 2022

In this weeks roundup of event industry podcasts, there are 31 new episodes. The topics are varied and always interesting, here’s a few you may want to listen to today.

In the latest episode from The Business of Meetings, the discussion is about incentive programs in India with guest Samir Uberoi…

“Samir has had a fascinating journey! In this episode, he tells his story, and talks about what it means to do an incentive trip in India. He dives into what it takes to be a business owner and go through the rollercoaster life of an entrepreneur. He also shares some stories to inspire business owners, discusses his hopes and dreams for the future, and offers advice for entrepreneurs.”

BoHo News talks to Artur Lupashko of Ribas hotels group about operating in the Ukraine

“BHN speaks to Artur Lupashko, CEO at Ribas Hotels Group with the help of Anna Oganesian to translate, about how the war in Ukraine has impacted operations, how Artur is supporting his employees and guests, and the future outlook for Ukrainian hospitality and the ultimate recovery of the country.”

The Bullet List Show talks with Francesca Rodriguez Balit about websites for marketing and associations

“In this episode we talk about Event & Association Websites with Francesca Rodriguez Balit of BBR Web Management. Francesca’s company is a personal web management boutique for event organisers. We discuss websites, social media and some of the mistakes that can spoil a visitors experience.”

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

COMPLETE wedding podcast

This Week in Weddings

The Cheerful Soundman Podcast

Bridal and Events Diary

The Wedding Pro Cast UK

Washington Hospitality Industry Webcast

The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

Principle of Hospitality

Hospitality Mavericks Podcast



The Aisle

Two Chicks, Three Seats: The Event Manager’s Guide to Industry Trends

Event Industry News Podcast

The Business of Meetings

Wedded: The Wedding Planner Podcast

Events: demystified

Better Events

Event Tech Podcast

Great Events

The Skift Podcast

The Wedding Biz – Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

Events for Breakfast

EventProfsCast by Hubilo

Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals

The Events Cast

The Bullet List Show

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