The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 24th January 2022

The Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 24th January 2022

In this weeks roundup, there are quiet a few episodes from wedding related podcasts to listen to. Despite all the problems that wedding planners have gone through, it’s good to see that they are still around and putting out new audio content. They are also fairly active with blog posts too – check out the wedding category on the main site.

There are three hospitality podcasts with new episodes, and don’t forget to listen to the new episode from Diversity Ally, How To Bring Your DEI Policy To Life

COMPLETE wedding podcast

Bridal and Events Diary

Experience Junkies

The Wedding Pro Cast UK

The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

Principle of Hospitality

Hospitality Mavericks Podcast

Diversity Ally, The Podcast

Upon Arrival | Events & Incentives with Adelaine Ng

Event Industry News Podcast

Meetings Today Podcast

Dare to Interrupt

#EventIcons – Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

The Business of Meetings

Wedded: The Wedding Planner Podcast

Events: demystified

Better Events

The Events Insight

The Dan Assor Show #eventprofs

The Skift Podcast

The Wedding Biz – Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

The Bullet List Show

There’s plenty of past lists with lots of great episodes to enjoy. You can find them on the dedicated listing page.