The Latest Podcast Episodes For Monday 12th September 2022

The Big Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 12th September 2022

In this weeks roundup, there are 57 new episodes from 40 active podcasts. An improvement on last weeks listing. While most have published one or two new episodes, No Vacancy Live And No Vacancy News and Business Travel 360 have both published five.

I am sure there’s plenty of event industry podcasts that I don’t know about yet. If there’s a podcast you know of and you think I should be including it, then please get in touch via the Suggestion Box.

Available only to supporters is my big list of event industry related podcasts, featuring links and descriptions. Details on how to become a member are available on my Ko-Fi page.

As a reminder, this list is a snapshot from the last seven days. If you want to stay up to date then visit the dedicated page that lists the latest episodes. It’s updated every hour so you won’t miss anything.

For previous listings of podcast episodes, check out the links below…

6 Figure Wedding Planner

Engage with Jamie Wolfer: Wedding Planning Wisdom

Wedding Business Solutions

Manage My Wedding Podcast

Eventist 365

Business Travel 360

No Vacancy Live and No Vacancy News

The Business of Travel

The Venue RX

The Don and Mike Show

Event Manager Podcast by Skift Meetings

The Unstoppable Eventrepreneur™

The Eventful Entrepreneur with Dodge Woodall


Trade Show University for Virtual & Live Events

Every Day I’m Bustlin’: A Wedding Planning Podcast

The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Beyond The Venue with MG The Venue Specialist

The Cheerful Soundman Podcast

Experience Junkies

The Wedding Pro Cast UK

Washington Hospitality Industry Webcast

Unpacking Travel: Hospitality Talks with Amadeus

The Proven Principles Hospitality Podcast

Principle of Hospitality

Hospitality Mavericks Podcast


Events That Made Me with Liz Taylor

Event Experience

Meetings Today Podcast

#EventIcons – Meet The Icons Of The Events Industry (Audio)

The Business of Meetings

Event Brew

Events: demystified

Better Events

Great Events

The Dan Assor Show #eventprofs

The Wedding Biz – Behind the Scenes of the Wedding Business

Eventful: The Podcast for Meeting Professionals

The Events Cast