The Digital Trip is Open for Registrations!

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This article is by Heidi Legein and first appeared on LinkedIn. Reproduced here with permission.

The day has finally come! The day we take destination experiences to the next level. The day we invite #eventprofs on a 2-day digital trip in real time! To Stavanger, Norway!

Since March, we’ve been rethinking, adjusting, redefining our goals and services.

I believe we’ve now officially gone virtually crazy…

From virtual venue showcasing last summer to today’s launch of 2 days of immersive digital experiences to discover a destination, including it’s highlights, culture, gastronomy, entertainment, even onsite distances and orientation…

It’s been a wild ride; one of education, participation, testing, trial and error, creativity and innovation. It’s about to get wilder and we invite you on it!

The digital trip: What is it and who is it for?

General access is reserved for event planners who produce virtual or international events.

  • It’s a 2-day virtual FAM trip with tons of experiences!
  • It’s a 2-day customisable incentive product you can offer your employees or end clients.
  • It’s a teaser for your next live events in Norway.
  • It’s a look at possibilities to take your virtual MICE projects to the next level.
  • It’s a lot (a-lot) of fun to be had with your peers!
  • It’s a chance of winning amazing prizes.

From today the first 100 general access tickets are entirely FREE and the rest will be for sale at very reduced prices. Consider it an early holiday present for all of you #eventprofs who have been hanging in there!

Upgrade yourself; you deserve it! With a VIP ticket, you will have access to additional features and sessions, mingle with our industry’s top level and get a VIP box filled with exquisite products to enjoy, discover, taste,…delivered to your home. The products offer extra chances to win those amazing prizes along the way. Do you want an educational end-of-year bonus from your boss or a fabulous Christmas present perhaps? This is it! Let them know! Maybe it’s just about time to reward yourself for all your hard work and dedication.

And then there’s more; for CVBs, destinations, destination marketers, event agencies looking to learn,… we have designed the educational track.

The educational track offers:

  • Everything we’ve learned developing this project, served to you on a golden platter.
  • Step-by-step video tutorials on how to start your own virtual strategy and design virtual destination experiences. (From objectives to content strategies, engagement, tech stacks, community building and communications; the virtual project management process is nothing like producing a live event and getting started can be daunting!)
  • 2 hours of additional consultancy with The MICE guru.
  • Access to the digital trip experience as a VIP and a chance to mingle with all its participants (as many event planners as you would dream to meet over the course of a year).

Basically: a very unique tool for success, to launch yourself fully in the virtual world, stay visible, connected to your audience and bring business back once travel resumes.

The time is NOW! Upon posting this article, registrations are open.

Live days are 20-21.01.2021 (hard to forget).

Tickets are subject to admission review.