The Big Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 4th July 2022

The Big Weekly Podcast Roundup For Monday 4th July 2022

Welcome to the first podcast roundup for July! In this listing, there are 42 new episodes from 39 active podcasts. Lots of great topics to check out, for example, The Skift Travel Podcast discusses sustainability,

Speaking at the Skift Sustainable Tourism Summit with Skift CEO Rafat Ali, Darrell Wade bemoaned how organizations were touting a “build back better” ethos, while failing to take action. “Sustainability is not easy, it’s heavy lifting. Even one aspect like climate change, to work out a pathway to zero emissions, is a lot of work,” he added. “It’s the role of every CEO, and staff member to start banging the drum,” he added.

On Dan Taylor’s The Events Podcast, Martin Stoila talks about NFT ticketing. Mike Allton discusses his experience of finding the right virtual event platform on his Virtual Event Strategist Podcast,

A virtual event platform sales person I was talking to about potentially investing tens of thousands of dollars into using his solution told me he didn’t want me to abuse his platform. Abuse it? Did he honestly think I was going to spend that kind of money to, what, create spammy junk virtual events? Is it possible for me to use a virtual event platform too much? Run too many events?

Now available to members only is my big list of event industry related podcasts, featuring links and descriptions. Details on how to become a member are available on my Ko-Fi page. In total, there are three downloads that are available to members only.

This list is a snapshot from the last seven days. If you want to stay up to date then visit the dedicated page that lists the latest episodes. It’s updated every hour so you won’t miss anything.

If there’s an active podcast you think I should be mentioning, then please get in touch via the Suggestion Box. For previous listings, check out the links below…


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