New Integration Marketplace Announced By Vii-Events

New Integration Marketplace Announced By Vii-Events

The Israeli based 3D virtual events company, Vii Events, have announce that they have launched a unique marketplace portal to encourage collaboration. For those who are unaware, they are the an all-in-One 3D 360° virtual and hybrid events platform. You can find out more about their features on their ‘7 Reasons to Switch to Vii Events‘ page on their website

The virtual events market has become rather competitive in the last 18 months or so. More and more virtual event platforms are adding integrations to extend their use and to satisfy user demand. What makes Vii-Events stand out is their transparency and policy on pricing. To quote Stas Zaslavsky, CEO of Vii-Events, from their recent press release…

“We have, and continue to source, the best third-party integration partners that seamlessly integration with Vii-Events; this offers endless possibilities for our clients and significantly improves the customer experience for our clients and their guests. We don’t take a commission. It’s transparent, and we work strictly with our partners’ pricing & policy”

Vii-Events has come a long way since their founding in 2020, including winning an award at Event Tech Live 2021 show for ‘Best Exhibition Technology’.

The press release is available in PDF format, click the button to download it.

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