Meeting Industry Association Summit To Highlight Safety & Security

Meeting Industry Association Summit To Highlight Safety & Security

A new summit organised by the Meetings Industry Association (mia) will highlight safety and security of delegates and how technology and innovation can help create safer environments for all. It will be held on the 13th October at Warwick Conferences.

From the press release…

Representatives from ACC Liverpool, NEC Group and Caffeine&Machine will share their inspiring venue safety strategies while innovative grant-funded Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) technologies emerging from the likes of Iconal and Metrasens to support safety across the sector, will be revealed.

The Meeting Industry Association summit will bring to the fore the importance of organisations being ready to face media attention, if something should go wrong. Also asking if they have the procedures and processes in place that allows them to deal with difficult situations. Also under discussion is the important topic of cybersecurity, digital threats are an increasing worry for all companies and organisations.

Kerrin MacPhie, chief executive of the mia, said…

“As the capabilities and tactics of terrorists and criminals continue to evolve and the Protect Duty is being introduced next year, there is a need to discuss the current and potential threats being faced by the business meetings and events sector. This Summit will cover various aspects highlighting current and evolving threats, legislative obligations and security practise developments as well as crisis communications and cyber security planning.”

You can find out more information about the summit on the mia website.

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