Meet The Supporter: RAVL Events For Business Travellers

Meet The Supporter: RAVL Events For Business Travellers

Travelling for business can be a rather lonely affair, heading off to different cities and countries on your own. You make connections while at the event or meeting you are attending, but once you retire to your accommodation – you’re often as not on your own. RAVL Events is the cure to that problem. To quote their website…

RAVL is a social network for finding and making meaningful connections while you’re away from home.

Travelling solo, whether on business or for pleasure, is greatly enhanced when you meet good people and have experiences that you’ll never forget.

We want to take some of the chance out of solo travel by connecting our members with fellow travellers, with locals who have amazing knowledge of your destination, with events in places that aren’t on the map and with local businesses with RAVL-exclusive offers to make your time away from home more valuable.

I’ve been to quite a few of their London based events now and I can highly recommend attending. You can find out more about upcoming events here. Hopefully I will see you at the next one!

A huge thank you to RAVL and Andy Cairns for becoming a supporter of Event Planner News. Find out more about other supporters and discover how you can become one too!