Is Google Analytics The Right Tool For Event Profs?

Is Google Analytics The Right Tool For Event Profs?
Original image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Despite Google Analytics being a free service, and quite comprehensive, it may not be the tool you should be using to track user behaviour. Though being the default service that web designers, event & conference profs, and others use, there are other and easier to use products out there.

Keith at Plannerwire writes about why he’s chosen to switch to Fathom Analytics, a paid for service, for all his clients…

“…the biggest issue we have with GA [Google Analytics] is that although the product is free, Google is making money somewhere… that somewhere is the data they get from your attendees. A quick look from March 2022, shows that over 86% of websites have Google Analytics tracking installed. This data goes directly to Google and they analyze it to determine your attendee’s behavior, their interactions, the user journeys, your traffic sources, your conversions, and many other key metrics about your organization. In short, Google learns about you, your organization, and your attendees… and then they use that data to make money.”

Website and event data will become the main focus of event profs and event tech platforms. Owning that data even more so.