In The News: Single Use Plastics & The Event Industry

Single use plastics in the Event Industry

Single use plastics and their reduction in the event industry is an important topic. Many professionals are questioning how they can improve their practices. Some, for example, are changing their purchasing habits and where possible, encouraging their clients to do the same.

There has been an increased amount of blog posts recently that examine waste reduction and how to get closer to the goal of being environmentally friendly. Of course there are other environmental concerns however the main theme in recent weeks seems to be single use plastics and how to reduce their usage.

Here’s a brief list of recent blog posts that address the use of plastics and ways the event industry can be kinder to the environment.

Eliminating single-use plastic
Church House Westminster
Eliminating single-use plastic does not just cut down on waste, it also helps the wildlife and reduces our carbon footprint. Why? Almost all plastic comes from fossil fuels.

Tourism Takes Action On Plastic Waste And Pollution
Hospitality Net Industry News
Tourism businesses and destinations are stepping up their commitment to sustainability. Aimed at reducing waste and pollution across the sector, the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative (GTPI) is welcoming 32 new signatories, with every global region represented behind the shared goal.

Melbourne’s MCEC working with RMIT students to eliminate single-use plastics
Conference & Meeting World
Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre’s (MCEC) participation in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Impact Academy culminated in a final showcase at the end of May where students presented their impact-driven solutions to industry clients and the Academy cohort.

How To Make Sustainability a Priority Again, According to Green Events Expert Julia Spangler
Corporate Event News
For event professionals who are passionate about sustainability, this past year has raised some concerns about the future of green events. As the trade show and meetings industry begins to recover, and with event budgets tighter than ever, will anyone care enough about sustainability to help the cause or will green practices end up on the bottom rung of importance?

Paul Schenk – On a Mission to Run Zero Plastic Hotel #PlasticNotSoFantastic
Hospitality Net Industry News
Previously as Hotel Manager of Crowne Plaza, Oman, Paul Schenk has introduced 50+ initiatives to eliminate plastic usage at the hotel. It has been a journey for him building awareness, challenging the status quo and implementing change.

Designing the waste out of events and corporate gifting
Circular Event Experience
We get it, we’ve been there too. In fact, I have a whole drawer full of event items I’ve gathered over the years. If I haven’t used it, I feel too guilty to throw it out. I keep it all, and often my kids find something and claim it for their own.

How have you reduced your use of plastics? Have you implement new practices or changed suppliers? Please leave a comment below. If there’s a post you think we should mention or you have a guest post you would like us to share, please get in touch.