Important Pinterest Facts You Need To Know

Important Pinterest Facts You Need To Know

I’m pretty sure that the wedding industry already knows about the benefits of using Pinterest and they are taking full advantage it. For those who are not, and for anyone else in the event industry who is unaware, take a look at this recent SocialPilot post, ‘74+ Pinterest Statistics to Boost Social Selling in 2023‘. The list below is my selection from SocialPilots post…

  • Females make up more than 75% of the users on the platform.
  • Women between the ages of 25 and 34 account for 29.1% of Pinterest’s global audience.
  • Over 16% of Pinterest’s user base are women in the 18 to 24-year age group.
  • People watch close to 1 billion videos a day on Pinterest.
  • 85% of Pinners say they use Pinterest to plan new projects.
  • 60% of users log on to “view pictures” on Pinterest.
  • Posting is most effective around noon and at night.
  • Descriptions that are 100-200 characters in length gain more popularity.
  • Pins in the fashion category are most popular on Thursday.
  • A Pin including a specific call to action increases engagement by 80%.
  • 78% of Pinterest users say seeing brand content on the platform is useful.
  • 55% of people use Pinterest to shop and buy.
  • 89% of U.S. pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase.
  • 98% of the users have tried something they found on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is most popular with women – especially moms.
  • Compared to Facebook, Pinterest sends 33% more traffic to e-commerce websites.

One last thing…

Don’t think twice before adding a Pinterest trend to your content strategy. Why? Because trends on Pinterest sustain 20% longer monthly growth than on the rest of the internet.

But how do you follow these trends? Well, video pins get the most engagement, so start with them. Thanks to videos, Pinterest is no longer all about just pinned images and link posts.