Groups360 Share Their Top Winter Destinations For Events Planners

Groups360 Share Their Top Winter Destinations For Events Planners
Original image of Quebec City by goguin from Pixabay 

Groups360 have recently published on their blog a guide to why you should consider a winter destination for your next event. They cite 3 main reasons you should be taking in to consideration – affordability, population and community. They also recommend 5 locations that you may want to consider.

“While the appeal of warmer temperatures is common, they aren’t necessarily more dynamic or cost efficient. There are a variety of benefits to visiting scenic winter destinations and even more when choosing a lesser-known location for your meeting or event.

Every event planner has essential criteria when searching for destinations. From the need for easy air travel and public transportation to convention center accommodations and after-hours attractions — we’ve considered them all.

We’re shining a spotlight on winter wonderlands for your group and breaking down everything you want to know.”

The 5 locations they recommend are, Jackson Hole WY, Park City UT, Coeur d’Alene ID, Palisades Tahoe CA and Québec City Canada. Check out the Groups360 post for more information and the full rundown of each place.