Flox: The Metaverse Virtual Events Platform Announces Launch

Flox, The Metaverse Virtual Events Platform Announces Launch

Metaverse virtual events platform, Flox, has launched to bring large scale immersive virtual events to organisations and brands. The UK-designed 3D virtual platform offers the first full-feature ‘metaverse’ experience to help create more human virtual and hybrid live events for business, HR, marketing and events leaders across all industries for up to 25,000 participants.

Flox co-founder, Alistair Bryan said…

“Flox marks a new era in virtual events and online experience. For event managers and organisations that want to engage with their audiences – whether prospects, peers, students, employees, customers, suppliers or other stakeholders – our 3D virtual events platform is truly focussed on human connection and engagement at a global level. Designed to be fully immersive and scalable, Flox can also enable business leaders to minimise the carbon impact of events, support diversity, reduce event costs and measure the effectiveness of their spend.”

Also commenting on Flox, co-founder, Jaie Genadt, said…

“Far from sticking to the status quo in the virtual event space, we set out to design a platform that replicates the spontaneity, collaborative opportunity and live excitement of in-person events and experiences. Between us, we have decades of experience building relationships with event producers, tech suppliers, production logistics teams and CMOs, so we understand what matters to them, and we can bring it to life in the Flox metaverse.”

The multinational Molson Coors Beverage Company has used Flox to host the first virtual event for its global marketing team. Matt Marlow, Digital Operations Manager EMEA & APAC at Molson Coors said…

“Flox is a great platform and great team, it’s made our annual marketing event even more engaging.”

Flox is easily accessed at home or at work through a computer screen or phone. Businesses and brands can use the beautiful pre-built and customisable virtual space or decide to build something entirely bespoke.

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