EventWell Pledge Continues to Offer Support During the Christmas Season

Eventwell Pledge at Christmas

EventWell, the charitable social enterprise for the events industry, is continuing it’s efforts to support those who have been hit hard by the current Covid crisis. The Christmas period can be extremely tough on those who are already struggling, mentally and financially.

Many Event Professionals and Event Businesses have pledged financial support, creating a ‘resilience’ fund currently standing at £4,750. Pledges have also included Child Christmas Gifts, a Christmas Grocery Shop, and even a Christmas Family Package, containing a Christmas Dinner and Christmas Gifts.

EventWell has published a press release with more information regarding their efforts over the festive season. If you wish to give your support to those in need, during the Christmas period and beyond, please visit EventWell Pledge.

Full press release follows below.

EventWell Pledge is here to support its community over the Christmas Period! 

EventWell Ltd, the charitable social enterprise, educating and campaigning for better mental health and wellbeing in the events industry, have confirmed that they will be continuing their outreach and pledge programme to support the events community, over the Christmas Period.

Over recent months, EventWell has recognised that the Events Industry has been struggling, mentally and financially. Items of support have been pledged by fellow Event Professionals and Event Businesses to really help those experiencing personal and financial hardship during this difficult time.

A total of £4,750 in support is available right now with pledge items including a Child’s Christmas Gift, a Christmas Grocery Shop, and even a Christmas Family Package, containing a Christmas Dinner and Christmas Gifts.

The Scheme and Pledge Programme is open to all professionals working in creative communications, experiential marketing, live and business events, exhibitions, travel and hospitality. EventWell are urging anyone in need, and over Christmas especially, to reach out to the programme for help and support. 

Helen Moon, CEO of EventWell said “We recognise and empathise with how stigmatising and challenging it can be to reach out and ask for help and, are offering a completely confidential application process to ensure that you get the support they need as quickly as possible without fear of reprisal or judgement.”

A recent professional that the pledge programme has supported shared “’I was made aware of EventWell Pledge by a supplier who knew I was struggling and suggested I reached out for help. She’d mentioned she had actually donated a pledge herself for someone to receive and that it was anonymous. At the time I was still struggling to deal with the concept of asking for help and admitting how desperate I actually was. I guess I was just too proud and ashamed. One evening I was sitting on my sofa and getting quite anxious about Christmas. I’d already let two of my children down, they’d just had their birthdays and I couldn’t afford to get them anything. I couldn’t do this to them again. So I took the plunge and filled in the application form and asked for some help to make sure I could normalise Christmas as much as possible. If you need help, please just reach out. There is no judgement, no shame, just love and kindness from industry colleagues.”

EventWell Pledge is run in partnership with The Ops Nest. Anyone looking for support or information can call free on 0800 470 0958, email [email protected] or visit eventwell.org/eventwell-pledge.