Event Relief 2022 – Because Mental Health Still Matters

Event Relief 2022 - Because Mental Health Matters

Event Relief is an 11 hour virtual event to raise funds for charities that support mental health. On Tuesday 29 November, event professional Dan Assor will be leading and hosting the online event. On the hour, every hour, running from 8am – 7pm GMT, different companies will run a mixture of fun & informative 45 minute sessions to raise awareness and donations through creative and imaginative approaches.

The goal is to raise £5,000 for three charities, EventWell, Make It Blue, and Meeting Needs. Every donation goes towards helping individuals who are experiencing personal and financial hardship. This event, and any size of donation will make a real difference to real people, our event people.

EventWell is a charitable social enterprise, dedicated to cultivating mental health awareness, with the aim of campaigning, educating and supporting better mental health and wellbeing in the event industry. Pledge by EventWell offers grant giving and financial support to any event professional experiencing personal struggle or hardship.

Make it Blue, a community interest company started by the UK events and entertainment industry, aims to support colleagues (and others) in need, and promote mental health awareness through arts, culture and entertainment projects. They generate funds to support selected charities and creative engagement projects that have a specific focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Meeting Needs is a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events Industry. The objective of Meeting Needs is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry.

People and companies who have already offered their support include,

  • Lizzie Williamson
  • Event Mender
  • Shocklogic

The event will be streamed live on Dan Assor’s YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. You can donate by visiting the event’s JustGiving page, and also see the latest information.

Please donate and give your support where possible.