Europalco Promotes Own Engineers To Technical Directors

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Following a successful year, the Portuguese company recognises hard work and talent by promoting two engineers from its team

EUROPALCO, the largest provider of solutions for events and shows in Southern Europe, has appointed Nélio Lima and Miguel Oliveira to the role of technical directors.

With over 19 years in the industry and over 12 of those with Europalco, Nélio has in-depth knowledge in various areas of video and networks as well as in audio, rigging and lightning. At Europalco, he coordinates the technical areas and is also involved in commercial and project management, making decisions about future investments and their integration into Europalco.

Miguel, on the other hand, has 32 years of experience in the industry. He joined the Portuguese company in 2017 as head of the Video department, managing all AV teams, assessing, and testing new technologies and supporting the Sales department. Later, in 2021 he was promoted to project manager.

Both engineers started their careers in the AV industry as sound technicians. Later, they were involved in Europalco’s Video department, acquiring considerable skills that allowed them to fine-tune and operate various national and international events with vast numbers of assistants like the Websummit, UN Ocean Conference, and shows for big brands like BMW or Vodafone.

Regarding his promotion, Nélio Lima said, “I’m thrilled with this new challenge and to continue working with Europalco. It’s a company that takes great care of the equipment; Europalco makes great investments in state-of-the-art technology; these constant investments allow us to continue evolving”.

About this new challenge, Miguel Oliveira said, “I’m excited to continue working for Europalco with this new responsibility. It’s everything: the team spirit, the work quality, and the value difference that we provide to our clients.” Miguel added, “The events sector is not easy, but at Europalco we work as a team, and we help each other. The company always drives us to do things differently, do them better, learn, and evolve”.

Pedro Magalhaes, founder and CEO of Europalco, said: “Nélio and Miguel are an asset to our company. They are talented engineers with a proven record of exceptional work. We are privileged to have them in our team”.

The engineers, who were seen on the show floor of ISE 2023 visiting partners and discovering new technologies, have a similar opinion on what the latest trends in AV for the events sector will be: augmented reality, virtual (metaverse), drones to create images in the sky, movement, and automatization of equipment.

They also believe that there are advances in AV technology changing the parameters of live events, such as better, smaller, lighter, and more accurate equipment. The right technology makes the presentation of a new product more dynamic and allows a critical message to be conveyed in a certain way that is retained by the audience. Miguel also confirmed that clients’ most demanded AV technology for major corporate events is high-resolution LED wall screens and interactivity with them.

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