Certified Accountants Congress Uses Holograms For Unforgettable Event

Certified Accountant Congress Uses Holograms For Unforgettable Event

The annual Congress of Certified Accountants entertained 6,000 attendees with light shows and holograms

This year’s Congress of Certified Accountants at the Altice Arena in Lisbon has been hailed as an overwhelming success. The 3-day event attracted more than 6,000 certified accountants from all around Portugal to learn about sustainability and non-financial reporting, corporate responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainable economy and accounting metrics and indices.

The event included large printed banners which branded the event from the moment guests arrived. starting at the reception and on to the main hall, the guests made they way through a bright white lycra tunnel designed to create an enveloping transitional environment. Guests wore luminous wristbands, which added to the lighting from the live shows and holograms.

From the press release…

“An impressive stage design is a great way to make a great impression, and Europalco, which has plenty of experience in such significant events and has organized this congress for the fourth time, knows this. To deliver a unique event, the company set up an astonishing 50m x 14m main screen at the Altice Arena and used 6 Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors.

To enhance the experience, create visual impact, and provide a more powerful message, they used the state-of-the-art show controller Movecat Motion Expert-T III, roll-down screens and a holographic screen to project customized digital content. To manage the display and handle multiple signals, the company used a Christie Spyder X80 processor to run the contents coming from Christie Pandoras Box media servers.

Pedro Magalhães, founder and CEO of Europalco said, “We have a team with much experience in corporate events attended by thousands of people. These complex projects make us very excited when they go very well, and we get delighted clients as a result”.

The video below shows gives a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how the event was put together.

More details about the Certified Accountants Congress are available in the press release, click the button below to download it.