Brella Embraces Sustainability With One Tree Planted

Brella Embraces Sustainability With One Tree Planted

The good folks at Brella have been in touch with news of their sustainability goal of planting 10,000 tress in 2022. Back at the beginning of June this year, they announce a partnership with One Tree Planted. In their blog post, Brella partners with One Tree Planted for a future of sustainable events, the Finnish company said,

“Brella is delighted to announce a new partnership with One Tree Planted in a joint effort to combat deforestation in Southeast Asia and counteract the tons of yearly carbon emissions from the event industry.”

They also shared a worrying statistic,

“Studies have shown the event industry is far from being carbon neutral, with a 3-day in-person gathering of 1,000 attendees producing up to 530 metric tons of CO2 emissions.”

They have also published a post that shares what you can do, 4 action steps to help you plan sustainable in-person events. It has more worrying statistics,

“Research has shown the three main sources of carbon emissions of in-person events are related to travel, food production, and plastic waste. And to put this in numbers, studies have reported the average in-person event wastes between 15%-20% of the food it produces, while a 3-day conference for 1,000 attendees not only can create up to 5,670kg of waste (out of which 4% ends up in landfills) but can also lead to 530 metric tons of CO2 emissions.”

While the event industry is embracing sustainability, in small ways, a big change in thinking is required and Brella is a great example.

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