April 2021 Virtual Event Platform Survey – The Results

Back in April, we ran a survey in association with the fine folks at EventMind. We asked participants questions regarding their views and experiences regarding the virtual event platforms they had been using.

The collected information has been turned in to an easy to read report which you can download below.

There are some interesting items to check out, such as 37% of respondents had used a platform in the proceeding month. The Main indicated usage was for corporate events at 50%, with sales/demo’s coming second at just over 10%.

What may be mildly worrying, for platform providers anyway, is that %87.5 of respondents had to contact support. Only 50% said that were satisfied with the service.

Check out the full report below, both I and EventMind would like to thank all those who took part in the survey.

Virtual Event Platform Survey May 2021 – Results
Virtual Event Platform Survey May 2021 – Results