5 Great Posts Wedding Planners Need To Read

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Wedding Planners are having a very hard time right now. The current situation has imposed lock downs and plenty of restrictions. The spread of Covid is making life very difficult. However, weddings are still happening though they’ve become much more difficult to plan for. Luckily, weddings planners are a hardy and inventive group and have a lot to say on how to cope and move forward.

Here’s my selection of posts that show the various ideas and solutions wedding planners have come up with.

How To Live Stream Your Client’s Wedding Online

Pointers For Planners

“As part of your wedding planner courses, you’ll learn the fundamentals needed to organize and execute the wedding of your client’s dreams! But what if she has important guests that can’t make it to her big day?

Going one step further: what if she wants to elope in the privacy of her own home, but would still like all her friends and family to be a part of her special occasion?”

Don’t Let the Coronavirus Ruin Your Wedding Plans

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As if wedding planning isn’t stressful enough on its own, engaged couples and event planners are feeling the extra stress and pressure of planning weddings and events with so many unknowns due to the Coronavirus.

As a professional wedding and event planner, your clients are looking to you for guidance as they grapple with tough decisions on what to do about upcoming weddings and events.

What to Do When the Unexpected Affects Your Wedding Planning

Mind Weiss

There’s a lot to think about when wedding planning. But no matter how many hours you’ve devoted to considering every detail, sometimes the unexpected happens. Natural disasters, travel issues, a global pandemic. If the Coronavirus crisis has taught us anything, it’s that even the most organized wedding planner sometimes faces factors outside of their control. And, while there’s only so much you can do to control some situations, it’s important to prepare for the unexpected.

Wedding Planner Marketing: 7 Tips to Boost Your Business

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Approximately 2 million weddings take place in the U.S. each year and, according to Wedding Wire, nearly one in three couples hire a wedding planner for their big day. In other words, the wedding industry is massive, and wedding planners are faced with tons of competition. Wondering how to stand out and boost your wedding planning business? That’s where wedding planner marketing comes in.

Eight Ways to Keep Yourself Safe From Covid as a Wedding Planner

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Normally, this time of year wedding planners would be in full event mode -weddings every weekend, pre-event meetings during the week, and thriving in the typical excitement and business of wedding season. To say this 2020 wedding season is unprecedented is an understatement. From dealing with ever-changing guidelines to helping clients downsize/reschedule/cancel their weddings, this year is truly testing the most seasoned event planners. 

As COVID-19 is likely to persist with us for some time. How can wedding and event planners keep their employees and themselves safe during wedding season and in the future? 

As I mentioned above, weddings are still taking place, as demonstrated by blogger Alison Tinlin at the Plans & Presents Wedding Blog. Alison regularly shares beautiful wedding photos that are simply too good to miss!

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