10 Essential Tips for Event Professionals that are New to Twitter

Twitter app on a smartphone
Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay

Twitter is still a great social network and continues to have great potential for boosting your business. According to SproutSocial’s post from 4th August 2020, there are a total of 330 million global monthly users!

In my exploration of Twitter profiles, I’ve noticed that many are either incomplete or really don’t say anything about the account’s intentions. There are silly mistakes, such as not including URL’s so visitors can’t find out more. Also, header images with over crowded text that can get covered up. The profile text should reflect something about the account, the business and the intended tweets. You need to say something that encourages people to follow.

It’s easy to miss things out if you are new to Twitter, many start with a basic profile so they can explore. However they forget to go back and fill out the missing or incomplete information.

The following tips are intended to prompt you to look again at your profile. Also, to check out two important features that some overlook, ‘lists’ and ‘analytics’. The last piece of advice is about how to approach Twitter, it’s important to have the right mindset.

Keep the header image simple

There is a temptation to over populate the header image with words, for example a marketing message. Depending on where your profile is seen, smartphone/tablet, small screen laptop or on a desktop, the header image may be resized and not necessarily centred or cropped in the way you hoped. Therefore the text in the image may not be visible. Try to go with an image that reflects what you do an use words sparingly.

Your Twitter profile picture, does it reflect you or what you do?

Your Twitter account should be branded, so use your business logo. If there are multiple accounts with similar names, your logo will help people select the right one. If your name is your brand, then use a picture of yourself, ensure it’s clear and centred.

Choose an account name based on your own or your business’s name

Your Twitter account name be as close to your branding as possible. Who will remember you’re a party planner if you have some bizarre name that has nothing to do with your business or industry.

Does your profile URL link to something useful?

The URL doesn’t have to be for your website’s front page. Instead, create a custom page just for visitors who have come via Twitter. Thank them and then point out content that you think they will find useful.

Your profile description should be informative

The text should describe your business & aims but ensure you are brief and on topic. Use hashtags that are appropriate, for instance; #eventprofs #eventindustry #weddingplanner. The hashtags should be ones in use, try to not to invent any otherwise they won’t be found in searches.

Pin a tweet to the top of your profile.

Has one of your tweets done really well, lots of comments or retweets? Twitter will let you pin it to the top of your profile. You could tweet a link to something like a subscription page, for a newsletter for example. Once that tweet goes live, pin it to your profile.

Follow the top 10 event industry Twitter accounts

Find and follow the top accounts and then where possible, engage with them. Check out Octobers listing for the top 50 Twitter accounts for event planners. For the tweets you find interesting and have something reasonable to contribute, retweet with a comment and tag the original author.

Make use of Twitter lists

Lists are very powerful as they allow you to get organised and keep track of conversations. You can create lists that are specific, for example, a list containing only wedding planners or event associations. They really come in their own when used with TweetDeck or Hootsuit.

Measure with Twitter analytics

The Twitter analytics page allows you to discover which of tweets have performed the best. Therefore, you can identify which tweets your followers actually like and engage with.

Attain the right mindset

The number of people who will click links in tweets has dropped, so now it’s about building relationships. Treat Twitter like a huge cocktail party. Listen in to conversations and contribute when you have something to say. Be on topic, concise and above all, be patient! Demonstrate your expertise and understanding but don’t expect to become an overnight success!

One last thing

Don’t be scared to Tweet! Your thoughts and opinions are just as important as everyone else’s!