UK Strikes Are Costing the hospitality industry dearly

UK Strikes Are Costing the hospitality industry dearly

The continued strikes in the UK are still causing disruption for business and travel. That’s why, according to HotelPlanner Co-Founder and CEO Tim Hentschel, it’s costing the hospitality industry dearly…

“As the UK sees the largest scale strike day in over a decade on Wednesday, followed by Friday, the hospitality industry is bracing for yet another setback in a series of disruptions so far in 2023. Hotels, pubs and restaurants are particularly feeling the pinch in city centres, where public transport is such a decisive factor in driving footfall and revenue. For those who rely on the weekend influx of spend in the city centres, the Friday strike is particularly daunting.

January and February are typically quieter months for hotel occupation, but this is being compounded by industrial action which builds on pre-Christmas losses of around £1.5b in lost sales. The risk remains that the fallout will be felt across the board, with hospitality businesses facing the prospect of putting staff on zero-hour contracts because of the impact on their revenues, and the knock-on effect meaning hotel rates are susceptible to rise in order to combat losses, as well as the challenges of rising utility costs. Therefore, the consumer loses out too.

The industry really is facing a turbulent period, and there will be significant concerns around the prospect of further strikes throughout the year, particularly around major UK events such as the King’s Coronation which has the potential to be a massive boost for the industry should it stay clear of disruption. For now, the hospitality industry remains resilient against a series of challenges thus far in 2023, but there will be concerns for many with regards the longer term impact should these strikes continue to take place in the UK.”

Thanks to Mathew for the info.