Meet The Supporter: Digidex Global – Better Connections With Sustainability

Meet The Supporter: Digidex Global -  Better Connections With Sustainability

Digidex Global recently became a supporter of myself and Event Planner News. What I admire the most about them is that they are aiming high for sustainability. Their goal is to reduce the use of business cards, which will in turn reduce the amount of carbon used. Their service will also help people to connect better by making contact details much easier to share.

They estimate that in the US alone, 25 million business cards are produced every year. Only 18% (and dropping) of people still hand out their business cards to new contacts, and 88% of these get thrown away almost immediately after meeting.

Their Android and iOS app reduces the cost of updating business cards and provides data capture, easy sharing of contact details and integration with your and your companies preferred CRM system. It can also reduce the cost of marketing materials as well. By reducing business card use and the reliance on printed marketing materials, Digidex will make a big difference in paper use and therefore contributing to sustainability.

Digidex are offering readers of Event Planner News a discount when you sign up to their service. By following this link, you can save nearly £15 during the registration process. The Android version of the app and the Apple iOS version are available right now.

I’m really excited that Digidex Global has become a supporter, and thanks to Wouter Van Reenen for making it happen.

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